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Ailana is a voice controlled horror game.

Ailana was kidnapped and locked in a mansion. It is now up to the player to lead Ailana out of this property with the help of his voice. The player must now solve puzzles with the help of Ailana, defeat opponents or avoid them.

Objects are hidden throughout the property which the player must discover with the help of Ailana in order to get Ailana out of this property. In the course of the game, Ailana encounters different types of opponents. Ailana can evade some of these opponents in different ways, others have to be fought or distracted.

Currently under development. Support VR and NonVR

Ailana and opponent model as well as animations from mixamo.com.

Voice control is available in English and German.  On the left there are commands to which Ailana reacts.

 This is a very early build of Ailana. Please report bugs here or on Twitter https://twitter.com/MendarionGames/status/1415670779472093190.

Enjoy and have fun.


Ailana.zip 389 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the zip file, make sure that your microphone is switched on and start the exe file. 

Development log

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