A downloadable game for Windows

This prototype was made by one person for the GameJam VR-Jam2020.
Currently this game contains two Room´s, the Lobby for the teleport to other Room´s and a Challenge Room. The Multiplayer Room has been deactivated due to a Bug that has clouded the feeling of the Game very much.
You can move around by quickly moving your controllers up and down. There are no other key assignments. You can activate the deactivated dice with your all-purpose tool.
After you have opened the room on your left, you can teleport to the level available up to now via the teleporter. After choosing a level of difficulty, you have to try to run through the level. 
Good luck. 
I hope you like it and you have fun. 
Updates such as Multiplayer and other Rooms will follow in the future.
Tested with Rift/RiftS and HTC Vive.
StatusOn hold
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsVirtual Reality (VR), vr-jam2020


SwingArms.zip 42 MB


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I forgot to write, after start the movement has a delay of 5 seconds.